Mortgage Brokers and Banks Who Offer Bank Statement Mortgage Loans

Mortgage brokers and banks who offer bank statement mortgage loans are typically smaller, alternative lenders or non-bank lenders. These types of lenders may be more willing to work with self-employed borrowers and those who cannot provide traditional forms of income documentation. Some examples of mortgage brokers and banks that offer bank statement mortgage loans include:

  1. Portfolio lenders: These are smaller banks and credit unions that hold onto the loans they originate, rather than selling them on the secondary market. They may have more flexibility in their underwriting guidelines.
  2. Non-bank lenders: These are financial institutions that don’t have FDIC insurance and may have more lenient underwriting guidelines.
  3. Private lenders: These are individuals or small groups of investors who lend their own money, often to borrowers who cannot qualify for traditional loans.
  4. Correspondent lenders: These are lenders who originate and fund loans, then sell them to larger banks or investors.

It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive and not all the lenders who offer bank statement loans are reliable. It is important to check the reputation and the regulations compliance of the lender before proceeding with the loan process. A mortgage professional can help you identify reliable lenders that offer bank statement mortgage loans and can help you navigate the application process.

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